The little things

I am back in Maryland for the summer as a nanny for my family that I nannied for the past two and a half years before I left to go back to school. One of my duties is going to the grocery store. Ours has a Starbucks in it, so you know the first thing I’m going to do is go get my drink, Skinny Iced Caramel Maccchiato extra caramel. Well the counter girl tells me that they don’t do iced drinks and I ask why? Because in my head al I can think is, “Don’t tell me you don’t Iced drinks because I come in here all the time for iced drinks, honey” and we all know I was not thinking this nicely. And after a few beats she finally said that the ice machine wasn’t working and they couldn’t do  iced drinks today. So I said ok, and walked away, annoyed. Later I found a few things that I have been trying to find for a really long time and it made me really happy.  Later as I was thinking back on y grocery trip, I was struck by how the little things affected my mood so greatly.
      My whole life I have always been the girl who is happy with little things in life. I am happiest when the kids I wach and I are all playing together and laughing together. One of my favorite things to do is just relax and read a book, just the smell of a book is so comforting. I love bubbles, and sitting around a campfire my friends is one of my favorite things to do. 
     Recently I got some very good advice from my father. He told me to make a list a of my strengths and weaknesses, there was a point to this, and its smething that I needed to do. I think my ability to appreciate the little  things in life is one of my great characterisitics. It helps me to see the beauty in life every day. It fires my temper sometimes, which is a drawback, but thats just something I have to work on. Maybe we take little things at a time about ourselves that we notice and learn to change them. But at the end of the day, remember, its the little things.

A Look Inside

Today I read  post that talked about the integrity of a character and never allowing another person to change your fundamental values and it really got me to thinking. In my daily life how often do I hide who I really am and what I really like because I don’t know what another person will like. Some times I feel like Julia Roberts character in Runaway Bride, where she doesn’t know what she truly likes about anything, because she doesn’t truly know herself. The only thing I truly know is books and how I feel when I read one. But I don’t hardly anything about politics or religion or health care and I live in fear that some day some one will find out and I will look like a big stupid idiot. So I fake it. I pretend to know things, I pretend to like things I only kind of enjoy and I hope that I can fake it until the end of the day. But what happens when that day comes when that isn’t good enough and someone calls me on my bullshit? I hate the part when guys ask me what do you do for fun or what do you like to do, because honestly the only answer that I can say, wholeheartedly? Is read. Otherwise I don’t really know. Because I don’t do anything. I don’t have time or the energy or a car. And there isn’t a lot to do.  And if I say read I feel like the other person will think I am a nerd  or some kind of weird introvert so I lie. But what purpose does this serve, no one learns anything about me and I feel sad because I’ve lied and upset because I want to connect but its not their fault I feel this way. So no more. I am done compromising. I am making a promise to stop caring what others think and get over myself and admit what I don’t know and go out there and learn it and learn myself.

Here’s looking at you kid

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Very Excited! First Blog

Ok I’ve never written a blog before, but I read a lot of books and I like telling people what I thought of them. But sometimes, especially in this day and age no one really cares. I feel that in today’s world we’re not only losing touch with conversation, since half the time we facebook, text or tweet people instead of talking to them or mailing them letters but we are also losing the written word. I love my ereader and I love that I can read on my phone, it’s one of my favorite functions of my phone. But at the same time the way a book smells is my favorite smell. Smell triggers so many memories for people. Smell turkey, thanksgiving or any number of family get togethers. Pine brings me to Christmas no matter if its the faintest wisp of a smell. But I digress, when a friend of mine suggested I start a blog to review books that I read, I thought I don’t know how to do that. But I want to. So here I am, with my first review. The book; “Here There Be Dragons” by James A. Owen

     I really enjoyed this book. It was a YA novel, but I like YA novels. I love fantasy and sometimes I want my fantasy without a steamy sex scene every other page.  This book was amazing.  I read it in an afternoon, because I could not stop reading it. The characters pull you in and captivate you. It was like reading a longer Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.  The story is set in several different islands and the author uses a mix of different legends, fairytales and even Noah’s ark to tell the tale. Plot: There is a book that is a map of basically all imaginary islands, there were a couple I am surprised he did not mention, for example Never Never Land, as he did mention James Barrie. Avalon is the first island to be visited and King Arthur plays a key role, which I enjoyed, I am big Arthurian legend girl. The caretaker of the book and his friends have to help defeat the Winter King, not let him get the book and put the right king on the throne. There are aspects from so many different books, from Narnia and H.G. Wells and Jules Verne and so many more because supposedly all these authors were caretakers of this book of maps for these Islands. For every reader who has at some point wanted their fairytale or their superhero or their special book to come to life this book really will make you smile because you can see, just for a moment that line between life and fiction blurring.